Comic Strip - Ethics III, IV & V
Series of comic strip for the ethic bureau of "Université de Montreal"'s Medicine school. Each strip deals with some difficult situation in the medical world. They aim to provoke reflexion and questioning regarding the appropriate response and behaviour.
Dogs - selection
Dogs taken from "Critter Challenge", my Tumblr site where I drew one animal quasy daily for 60 days (41 illustrations)
War on Syria?
Series of portrait: leaders deciding retaliation on Syria for using chemical warfare on its population.
The Round | La tournée
Second in a serie of little stories depicting ethically difficult situation.
BD Ethique - comic strip
First in a serie of little stories depicting ethically difficult situation.
Graphic design and illustration of the Ethical Code of the University of Montreal - Medical Faculty 20 pages
Monthly eNewsletter on Postdoctoral medical studies
Editorial - Travelling
Editorial illustrations for newspaper "La Presse" in Montreal. Articles on travelling tips
Wall Street
Article on the stock markets (world wide) being addicted to Bernanke's injection of money
Illustration for the business section of La Presse.
Editorial illustration
Business Transfer
Business take over
Residential Housing Market
Special article on the ups and downs of the housing market. La Presse
Job Market
Editorial illustrations in the business section of Montreal's newspaper La Presse
Illustrations for the newspaper La Presse in the Business section on different subjects.
Article on financing mining in Canada's great north. La Presse
Insurance 2
Cover and spot illustrations
Insurance Serie
More illustration for La Presse
More editorial
Editorial illustrations in the Business in La Presse
Two Boys
Illustration for an article in La Presse about modern opera. Intitled "Two Boys", this opera was inspired by a real-life internet crime in Manchester, where two boys were convicted of attempted murder (by stabbing) and incitement to murder after the discovery of an elaborate series of chatroom dialogues.
Editorial Illustration - La Presse
Editorial illustrations
Learning a language
Illustrations for an educational website to learn french as a second language. The illustrations have to be simple, two color (they could also be used in printing material).
Mail Me Art | Short & Sweet
I am very happy to participate in Mail Me Art, a British-based project run by Darren Di Lieto, the founder and co-editor of the illustration news portal The Little Chimp Society. Now on it's 3 edition (previous one were in 2008, 2010), called 'short and sweet', the project also include an exhibition and a book.
SOCHI - Here's Bob!
Same as previous serie - I couldn't add this image to my existing SOCHI project… (revamped Behance site but a little bugged…)
SOCHI 2014
Medal hopeful a at Sotchi winters' Olympics
Commission serie on hockey
Vegas Stories
The stories are unravelling one character at a time.
Vegas - Chapter II
Personna development - continuing
It's your fault
Ceramics | Nat Samson
Pictures from two of my ceramic collections: Fléchée and Manifeste
Hot Cold
Study caracter for a story in Miami
série de recettes maisons italiennes
Train Station
At the train station
Winter & others
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